A Great Garden Maintenance Services

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yWJ8tbzWe are a professional garden maintenance company that offers lawn mowing, hedge trimming and pruning, weed control, disease and pest control, fertilizer application and much more. We offer complete lawn care services to residential homes as well as commercial properties.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is the most common garden maintenance services. It should be done weekly, or at least every other week, depending on the size of your lawn. Lawn mowing helps to maintain a healthy lawn by trimming away dead grass and weeds, which allows nutrients from fertilizer to reach their destination more easily.

Weed Control

Weed control is an important part of any garden maintenance services plan. A weed-free garden will be healthier and easier to maintain, which will allow you to enjoy it more often.

Weeds can compete with your plants for water and nutrients, so they need to be removed before they cause damage to the good plants in your garden. This can also help prevent diseases from spreading through the soil, as well as pests that may live on or near the weeds (or inside them).

Disease and Pest Control

Pest control is important to prevent infestations. Pests can spread disease, which can be harmful for you and your family. Pests also damage plants in your garden and may require pesticides to eliminate them, but these chemicals can be harmful to you, as well as the environment.

If you want to avoid using pesticides and other chemicals in your garden maintenance services, pest control is a good way to keep pests under control while still keeping plants healthy and looking great!

Fertilizer Application

Fertilizing is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Fertilizing helps to promote the growth of a healthy lawn, improve its appearance, and prevent problems such as poor drainage or disease.

When should you fertilize your lawn? The best time to apply fertilizer is in the early spring before grass begins growing again. You can also fertilize during summer if you notice that your grass is thinning out or turning yellowish green instead of its normal dark green color; this could mean that it’s lacking nutrients from years past.

How much fertilizer should I apply? If you’re just starting out with fertilizing for the first time, then start small you can always add more later if needed! Most experts recommend using about 1 pound per 1,000 square feet (or about 1 quart per 100 square feet).

Hedge Trimming and Pruning

Hedges are often used to provide privacy and block views, but it’s important to keep them well shaped.

Hedges can be trimmed twice a year: In spring, just after they have flowered, and again in autumn before they lose their leaves. You should only prune back to an outward facing bud so that you don’t cut off any new growth. The best time to do this is when your hedges have finished flowering (so late May or early June), it’s easier to see where the buds are on bare stems than when there are leaves on them! This will also allow more time for new shoots to grow before winter arrives.


Garden Maintenance Services is a great service for anyone who wants to keep their yard looking its best. The team at Garden Maintenance Services will come out and take care of all your lawn mowing needs so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore!