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Hildegard 03/02/2020
Building Renovation

Renovation or remodeling is the process of overhauling, renewing, rejuvenating, repairing, or perfecting structures or shapes or giving additional design to buildings. Renovation of the house could be also a project to develop and update the interior of the house were there (including mechanical and electrical), the exterior (e.g., walls, roof), or repair other on land (e.g. maintenance gardens or care / Extra garage).

The basic principle of home renovation

I remodel the entire house or addition of floor or room into a plan you to the front, the following are 10 tips to maximize investment, improve the functionality of the home, and facilitate the work of remodeling you in later days. Consider some principles that have when using services of remodeling the house ‘s also can help lower the cost and energy during work remodel next.

1.    Plan more early     

Taking into account the wide range of choices of products and materials of building more early can prevent delays in the latter days. Make sure you include it in calculations when comparing prices. Think of the cost of the maintenance period of the long, saving energy, and cost improvements that can increase by leaps and bounds. Planning the right can help you save on the budget.

2.    Learn about the environment around

Important to completely understand the structure of the area specified which oftentimes seen as trivial. Recognize and appreciate the character of the community you are different and combining patterns of buildings local to the design of new you can strengthen the framework of contextual regions and contribute to patterns of unique a place.

3.    Land characteristics

Transformation of the house most successful when the design of the renovation the house responded to the characteristics and conditions of climate on land you as well as take into account the factors negative for example as blocking the view or noise that is not desirable or create a barrier for privacy.

4.    Know your home

Understand how to design it easily. This does not mean simply integrating a new construction design with an old one. To remodel the house in a way different, you have to be logically combining patterns, shapes, and infrastructure planning of old and new.

5.    Style of life

Make a design that supports the style of living relatives you. Activities and rituals of the family require space each, for example, space public to gather and entertainment, a place that is quiet to read, and area private for the guests, work at home and sleep.

6.    Learn the old structure

Understand how to design it safely to recognize the structure of the house. We recommend designing, add or remodel the house you are following the requirements of the regulations of the building which is applicable in the region you. Learn solutions structural, if you want an idea that is more daring or closed, but not beyond the budget and ability to service remodeling houses you.

7.    Material lasting longer

Choose the material of the building which, in addition to secure, frugal and lasting a long time, but also protect the family you of any change of seasons. Besides that, the consideration by the wise and accurate every texture, pattern, and color of the roof, walls, cabinets, and floor to express the identity of the architecture of the house you that do not occur chaos visually.

8.    Consider water

Water is the most vital element in renovation work. Especially that should be noted is, do not add room shower without knowing to carefully track the pipeline, tank water, and the capacity of heating water you.

Also, consider how big is your water supply limit. If you add a fixture that is enough, regard it requires you to update the path pipes are more substantial and more lasting longer.

9.    Updating the electrical panel

Look carefully at your electrical panel. If you need to add space or a floor, of course, you have to update your electric panel. In addition to it, we should also remember to put the panel on space special without having to be hidden in the closet. If you still have a network cable old model, project renovation of home time is probably also an opportunity ideal to set up a network cable new and connect all the outlets are.

10. Consider the pros and cons

Before adding a room or floor, ask questions: still retain a window, door, and the material walls that already exist or select the new? The decision you may be based on the requirements of structural. The choice will be unique and different for each home. Consult the services of remodeling the house about how best to consider the matter.

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